Balloon Columns

Tall, Eye Catching, Impressive. These are the words our clients have used to describe our Balloon Columns! Being a Classic Balloon Décor design, we have been creating different Balloon Columns for many different clients, functions and occasions for over 22 years!

Balloon Columns can be used in a few different ways when decorating for an event. The entrance is where our clients usually choose to place some balloon columns first; it is a great way to indicate to your guests that they are in the correct place and to enter the party though here! Through these tall amazing Balloon Columns!

Once inside the function room there are a few more spots you can decorate with using the Balloon Columns. Next to the Cake, Lolly or Present Tables, On the corners of the Dance Floor, Either side of the stage, Either side of the Media Wall, and even just placing around the outside of the room!

We offer the Classic Style Balloon Column and now we also offer the Organic Style Balloon Column. The difference is the Classic Style has the same balloons in a certain coordination inflated to the exact same size, the Organic Style has different colours mixed in together inflated to different sizes.

To top off our Columns we offer either having a large 3ft Size Latex Balloon or 1 of our 36” Size Foil Balloon Shapes. The Shapes Include Heart, Star or Circle. Each type of balloon comes in its own Colour Range.

If you want to customise the Balloon Columns we offer a service of custom printing onto the balloon that is used on the top of the column. We have printed things from different companies’ logos, to a message/ slogan and even person’s name.

The sizes of our Balloon Columns are around 40-50cm wide and about 2m tall. If you require the columns to be taller than the standard 2m that is no problem! We can go higher!

One thing that our clients, especially our corporate clients find great about the Balloon Columns is that they are inflated with Air. This means that the balloons are really long lasting! If you have an event that covers multiple days, or even need the balloons to be delivered the day before the event starts rest assured that the balloons will last for the entire length of your function! Just make sure the balloons are not placed in direct heat or sunlight and are not constantly touched then they should look amazing for days if not weeks!