Balloon Centrepieces

Hosting a function that will have tables? Could be any tables from Banquet Tables, Cake Tables, Lolly Tables, Present Tables, Cocktail Tables, Coffee Tables, Buffett Tables Etc. Whatever the table we can decorate it with some Balloon Centrepieces!

We have the largest range in all of our styles of Balloon Decorations in Balloon Centrepieces. There are so many to choose from! Including ones with Helium Filled Balloons, Air Filled Balloons or even a combination of both! Decorating tables with some of our Balloon Centrepieces are a really spectacular way to really fill the room with balloons since they will be taking up the space at eye level in the room it will be the first thing people see and have the biggest impact on the rooms feel and atmosphere!

Starting with the Balloon Clusters, these are available between 3 & 7 balloons. They are all Helium Filled with our standard 11 Inch Latex Balloons attached to weights. These are classic Balloon Décor and our most popular Balloon Centrepieces. Solid colour balloons to match your colour scheme and so that each table has some sort of decoration. Quick and easy, we will come into the room with the balloons pre done and just drop them on the tables. Super quick set up with a great finish.

If you want your Balloon Centrepieces for tables to be a bit more special than you can swap balloons in our Balloon Clusters for something in our 16 Inch Latex Range (most popular are the confetti or glitter filled options) or even one of our many foil balloons! Usually used at the top of the cluster, it will be the feature Balloon in your Balloon Centrepiece!

Function rooms that have larger ceilings mean we can go more extravagant with the Balloon Centrepieces. One really popular option is our 3ft Balloons! These come in a huge range of options and can be styled to fit any theme or colour scheme!

For all of our Balloon Centrepieces for tables we height the balloons tall enough to make sure that there is enough room to still see through to the opposite side of the table.

If you are after an Air filled Design we also offer our Deluxe Centrepieces, Topiary Trees, Air filled Insiders & Reverse Topiaries. These all contain our 5” Size Latex balloons Air filled and weighted, they are self-supporting and very long lasting as well! For the Deluxe Centrepieces we create a stand for the balloons to attach to and top it off with one of our Orbz Foil Balloons or Bubble Balloons Air filled!

For Cocktail Tables we do suggest to only use the Reverse Topiary, these tables are already quite tall and this design has the shortest height making sure the balloons are not in anyone’s face or touching the ceiling.

Cake, Lolly or Present tables are great since we do not have to worry about height as much since no one will be seated at these tables. Because of this we can actually use more and larger size balloons to have more of a wow factor as a Balloon Centrepiece in the room!