Balloon Arch

Have you ever seen a Balloon Arch before? At a party, on TV or even in a photo on Instagram? More importantly do you want a Balloon Arch at your next event?

We can help!

Balloon Arches are just spectacular! We have a range of options for you to choose from, which include Latex both 11 Inch & 16 Inch, Solid, Organic or even Megaloon Foil Balloon Arches.

Let’s start with the basic traditional 11 Inch Balloons. These are the standard size Helium Filled Latex Balloons. The name of this style of Balloon Arch is a String Of Pearl Arch. Used at entrance ways inside buildings, against walls in function rooms, even having two of these across a dancefloor is quite popular as well! We even offer adding small letters and numbers in addition to the arch to give it that personal touch as well!

If you have a larger space to work with you can bump up to the next size for the String Of Pearl Arch with the 16 Inch Balloons. It is the same Balloon Arch just a bigger look and feel, we also offer doing clear 16 Inch Balloons with some 11 Inch Balloons inside. This is what we call an Insider Arch. Perfect if you want that bigger feel but also want some printed style balloons used in the Balloon Arch, or even to have the Bubble Effect using the clear 16 Inch Balloons. Usually for this size we also do the Column Bases that sit at 1m tall.

A Solid Arch is where a frame is used and we inflate about 200 11 Inch size balloons with Air and attach them to the frame giving it a nice Full Solid look. This is great for entrances that are outdoors, or even indoors if you have a large enough space! Solid Arches have been used for different occasions, such as; Attracting attention on the street, welcoming customers into particular stores inside shopping centres, Start & Finish Lines for running races, entrances to Fairs/ Outdoor Events, Photo Backdrops/ Medial Walls, TV Commercials, Photo Shoots, Corporate Events etc. There are many different ways we can style the Solid Arches with using different colours in different coordinations. This is by far our most popular Balloon Arch!

Organic Arches are the newest style of Balloon Arch. This is on the same framework as the Solid Arch but instead of having the balloons the same size the latex balloons are inflated to different sizes for a different look and effect. This is usually used hand in hand with a colourscheme of a few different colours where each colour is spread out in different spots throughout the Balloon Arch & also using different size Latex Balloons. We have before also done the Organic Arch with 1 single colour & also a more Ombre Affect. You can also have some extra balloon added, be the 3ft size plain latex, 16 Inch confetti or glitter filled or even the Foil Orbz Balloons.

Our final Balloon Arch is the Megaloon Arch. This consists of using the Megaloon Foil Number and or Letters the same way we do the String Of Pearl & Insider Arches. It is mainly used as the feature in a function room for the event. Examples of what we have spelled in the past include; Person’s Name, Coroprate’s Name, Theme Word (Example “Hollywood”, “Prom”, “Baby” Etc), Year (Example Decade Theme, Reunion, Anniversary), Milestone (Example Reaching Milestone of Orders Taken, Customers, Followers on Social Media Etc.). We often combine the Megaloon Arch with the String Of Pearl Arch to have a large Balloon Arch and one that also fits in with the colour scheme that is within the room.