3ft Balloons

3ft Balloons are the biggest and best way to make an impact at your next event or function. These balloons are made from 100% Latex of the Highest Quality; we inflate them with 100% Helium and coat the inside of the balloons with Hi Float Gel to increase their lifespan. These balloons are so large that they make a huge impact in whichever space that they are in and look absolutely stunning.

There are a few different ways to decorate with 3ft balloons. The first is just having the balloons on their own weighted to the floor. A Giant Floating Ball of Colour is fantastic if you are going for the simplistic look.

If you are having an event or function at night then having an LED Light inside our White 3ft Balloons will definitely be something different and fun! These LED Lights are designed for Balloons specifically and come with a few setting options. You can have them fade between colours, flash or even stay lit on a single colour of your choosing! Using them to frame a back yard, or light the way at the entrance will really make you stand out with your event!

The most popular choice for our 3ft Balloons are having the Clear 3ft Balloons filled with Glitter or Confetti on the inside! It is all the craze at the moment and it is a trend that is sticking around for a while! We use the Hi Float Gel to coat the inside of the balloons, measure out the exact quantity needed, and place the Glitter or Confetti inside the balloon before inflation. This creates a perfectly even spread and creating a stunning affect leaving people amazed with how you got Glitter or Confetti on the inside of a balloon! We offer colour ranges in both Glitter and Confetti so it is entirely up to you what colours you would like to have.

We do offer some accessory options to the 3ft Balloons as well. Some small balloons look great sitting at the bottom of the balloon at the neck; this gives it a nice clean finish and what we call a Collar. Tassels are also really popular at the moment; you can have anything from 1 tassel to a whole garland (8 tassels) that will go all the way to the floor! These also have a colour range for your choosing. The most popular and unique accessory is our Custom Printing. We can print on any 3ft balloon with almost anything needed! Be it a name, logo or special message! We have an amazing colour range for this and it really helps make your event or function feel more unique and special.

3ft Balloons help step away from the traditional balloon look to create a newer, fresher more modern feel and atmosphere at your function.

If you have a large space we suggest to even have bouquets of 3ft balloons together, mixing it up with a Plain Coloured 3ft, Confetti Filled 3ft and Custom Printed 3ft together is perfect if you are after balloons filling a large space, having different textures and different looks as well!