How to choose decorative balloons for your event

How to choose decorative balloons for your event

Balloons have a wide array creative uses when it comes to celebratory events. However, matching designs to your event can be challenging if you don’t have much experience.

Check out the following guide for advice on how to select the ideal balloons for your event, no matter what it is.

Decide who the party is for

Start by deciding who the party is for and consider who will come. Younger kids love bright colours with balloons that feature TV or Movie themes. For older guests, consider limiting colours to keep a cohesive visual aesthetic for a more elegant feel. Corporate events will often feature company colours.

At Balloon Saloon, we can also have your company logo printed on balloons as a form of promotion that really takes your event to the next level.

What is your occasion?

You have come looking for balloons because you have an occasion to celebrate! We stock balloon decorations for all manner of events, including:

Other miscellaneous decorations can be used to welcome a loved one home, celebrate a graduation or retirement, congratulate an acquaintance on a job promotion, or send warm wishes to a sick friend.

Choose a theme

General themes work well when large variety of people across various age groups are participating. Try focusing your event to a particular time or place. Think about what 2 or 3 main colours are most appropriate for creating the vibe you want.

For example, an event that was focused on gardening or the environment would benefit from using a mixture of green and brown balloons. Similarly, an event focused around aquatics would look best with a mixture of blue and grey balloons.

Consider your budget

Consideration of your budget will help you understand how elaborate your decorations can be.

Keep the location in mind

As with all parties, remembering to consider the venue is crucial. Larger rooms will obviously fit larger decorative pieces and displays. At Balloon Saloon we can supply you with large balloons that are perfect when you have a lot of space.

Using the decorations

Thinking about the activities at the party will help to in picking functional decorations. Table design balloon arrangements, for example, will be better for dinner parties.

  • Balloon archways outside front entrances or leading to corridors can be beautifully attractive. As with all designs, make use of all open spaces and ceilings.
  • Foil balloons come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Starting with smaller 18-inch size, we then have the slightly larger Orbz and our largest foil size at 36-inch. Our Megaloon Letters and Numbers are also quite large and can be custom printed too.
  • Gift bouquets are very popular as a decorative gift for special occasions. They are also very popular for birthdays and get wells. These bouquets can be in various styles, from floor, table top or just a large bunch of balloons.
  • Organic designs can be crafted with various colour patterns to decorate almost any space. These are on the top of our most wanted designs at the moment.

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