Four Occasions Where Balloon Hire is a Must

Four Occasions Where Balloon Hire is a Must

Balloon hire can sometimes seem like it is only for kids. It is often looked upon by many adults as a fun past time that can no longer be enjoyed.

However, balloon hire is really for everyone and it can be a great addition to a number of events that helps to create the theme, build the festivities or simply add some colour to the room. Whilst for smaller events you might be able to blow them up by yourself it is not possible for the larger occasions. Blowing them all up on your own is going to be quite an effort that would likely leave you with some very sore cheeks at the end.

There are so many different occasions that balloon hire would be suitable for but that would be too many to list. Here is a list of some of the key occasions where they are a must and will add some fun and colour to the event.

Major birthdays

All of the major birthdays deserve to have balloons as part of them. Major Birthdays include 18, 21, 30, 50 and all the tens from there onwards.

Balloon hire is great because there are so many different colours and shapes that they can come in. For major birthdays, in particular, getting some that show the person’s age can be a fun way to go about it for the younger years. Many balloon hire businesses will also have ones in the shape of letters so it is possible to get those that spell out the special person’s name.

Award nights

Whilst awards nights can often be seen as a formal occasion it is always worth having a bit of fun. No matter what the awards night is for, balloons in the colours of the team can be a great idea. Alternatively, simply adding some colour to the event with colourful designs or those that spell out the name of the team or organisation can add a little bit of a festive nature to the evening. 

Children’s parties

Balloon hire is a must have at children’s parties. They are a great way to add colour to the party and they also offer something to play with throughout the day. They are a great novelty for children and getting helium-filled ones can also be fun to entertain them by sucking in the helium and making your voice very high pitched.

There are even designs that are filled with lollies or confetti and can add a really cool element of excitement to the party.

Themed parties

Themed parties provide a lot of options when it comes to balloon hire. Some businesses offer special designs that may be exact matches for the theme whilst many will simply have a range of standard designs and colours.

Either way, adding matching colours for the theme can really build a festive nature and add some vibrancy to the party space. Again, they can be fun to play with later in the night and especially those filled with helium.

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